fredag 29. april kl. 21:00 på MIR

SGurvin & SYNK
Techno/Electro/House/Breaks ++
CC: 100 kr
SGurvin is the musical project of artist, curator and producer Sigurd Gurvin (1987). In recent years, SGurvin has worked on number of collaborations & releases on labels as Full Pupp Ekspress, Vaatican Records and his own EUFORISK. With a distinctive soundscape and a movement between different genres, the artist aims to create a complex modern symphony where orchestral qualities meet dance music. Elements from techno, house, electronica, calm piano pieces and ambient are melted down in SGurvin’s rush to develop his own universe, for the car, the club and the culture.
SYNK is a DJ duo from Norway consisting of the two producers Naomi Camilla & Ida Stein.
Their sets are eclectic, playful and they often blend wavy synths and light percussions
with heavier stuff and they are not unfamiliar with some funky basslines aswell.
The duo’s in the landscape of electro, techno, breakbeats and house. Occasionally they also
add elements of disco and trance in the mix.
During Covid lockdowns the duo focused more on producing, which led to new releases. The
duo´s latest release is a track called “Acid FX1” on the Amsterdam-based acid techno label
“Everyone On Acid”.
In 2021 they released a breakbeat-style remix of Nattl4mpes Nejjj on Bergen-based label
Mhost Likely. The release is also available on vinyl.
SYNK´s debute release early in 2021, “Lykkemaskin (Prins Thomas Mix)” is out on the
Norwegian (Prins Thomas curated label), Full Pupp. In 2021 the duo also put out their first
EP, (also out on Full Pupp), the EP is called “Ting Skjer” which is a title that came up during
the first producing session Ida and Naomi had together. Directly translated to English it means
“Things Happen” and that´s how Ida and Naomi feels about life and how their friendship startes. Sometimes life happens for you, in the best sense.