TELEPATHS + Trist Pike Djs

torsdag 14. april kl. 21:00 på MIR

TELEPATHS is a band from Gothenburg Sweden, consisting of 3 subtle city cowboys – Hanna Gödl, Sheik Anorak and Vida Vojić – riding the waves of musical telepathy since spring 2021. TELEPATHS resurrect a collective – rock/psychedelic/no wave – past, playing unexpected ghost rock that dreams of a future beyond the limits of pre-existing forms. Groovy, sexy, mystical, fun – what more ya want? You don’t need to get it, all you need is to join the ride > where tha wind blows >>>

Before or/and After concert Eirik Usterud aka «Beastie Joyce» and the other guy, from Trist Pike, is by his own account “probably one of the only DJs in Oslo that doesn’t own any House records.” Instead his musical purview extends beyond and includes everything else. This will be a good night!