Steinar’s Show

lørdag 20. juni kl. 18:00 - 23:30 på MIR

Come see an amazing variety show with live comedy, drag, and pop music! This show is guaranteed fun and features talented performers from the US, UK, and Norway.

The entire show will be performed in English.

Show: 20:00-22:00
Doors open: 18:00
Cc: kr. 150,-
Presale tickets are available here (, and you can also buy tickets at the door.

Age limit: 20 years
Venue closes at midnight


LINDA LONGLEGZ (drag queen)
Linda Longlegz is a Norwegian drag persona who loves singing and dancing at various venues in Oslo, including Kulturhuset, Elsker, and Ingensteds. Linda Longlegz also partook in EuroDrag Contest, Europe’s biggest drag competition. OPEN DRAG STAGE describes her as a humoristic, energetic, and joyful performer as well as a «force to be reckoned with».

THE FACTORY (pop band)
The Factory is a modern pop band influenced by hip hop and R’n’B. They’re not only a fun and danceable live band, their songs have also been played on NRK P3, on various French radio stations, and on MTV France. The Factory consists of Eivind, Håvard, Asle, and Kim André, and you can listen to their first EP here:

KAREN HOUGE (actor, clown, and everything in between)
Karen is an actor, director, and producer. She’s a graduate of Ecolé Philippe Gaulier and has a bachelor in Film and TV from Westerdals Høyskole. She’s also an improviser at Det Andre Teatret and a member of the improv group Lausungene, that plays regularly at Dattera til Hagen. Karen is a co-founder and Norway Producer of the Undercover Theatre Company.

DAVID TANN (actor, clown, and everything in between)
David is an actor, writer, and theater maker from the UK. He’s a member of Schous Kollectivet and a graduate of Fourth Monkey and Ecolé Philippe Gaulier. David is a co-founder as well as the UK and International Producer of the Undercover Theatre Company.

JOHN ALAN (comedian)
John Alan is a stand-up comedian, record-setting powerlifter, singer-songwriter and musician, and the voice of The Comin’ Home Podcast with John Alan. He’s originally from Ohio, USA, and after moving to Norway in 2002, he found a lot to laugh about. On stage, he shares his humorous observations on humanity and society at large. Check out his podcast at

Steinar Daltveit is an observational and self-deprecating stand-up comedian. In his past, he’s been a stunt reporter for NRK P3, and he has performed at various venues including Latter in Oslo, Ricks in Bergen, and at a number of showcases in the US.

All performers have been discovered on and booked from Steinars Open Mic.