Morning Beat // Karina

tirsdag 4. oktober kl. 07:00 - 10:00 på MIR

Join us on Tuesday, 04. October 2022, from 07:00-10:00, on our next adventure!
About this event
Morning Beat er et bærekraftig kulturprosjekt, der nedbrytbar glitter, live DJs og ulike kunst/musikk innslag forenes i dans og avsluttes med en heftig yoga-time!
Våre eventer er 100% rusfritt (ikke at vi er avholdsfolk – vi er et alternativ), vi tilbyr en vegansk frokostmeny og masse kaffe! Dans er rett og slett vitenskapelig. Hva er det med Morning Beat opplevelsen som holder oss så energiske og lykkelige gjennom hele dagen?
Det viser seg at dans i edru tilstand om morgenen, frigjør hjernens naturlige «lykkelige kjemikalier». Vi tilbyr derfor en sunn cocktail av Dopamin, Oxytocin, Serotonin og Endorfiner!
07:00-09:00 – THE MUSIC
♡♡♡ Karina ♡♡♡
With one foot in New York fuelling her creativity and influencing her in the way only New York can, and the other firmly in Berlin, her second home, exposing her to some of the best clubs in the world – Karina is one to watch our for.
These two huge influences along with her international upbringing in Norway, Egypt and Poland and her creative multilingual mindset all shine brightly through her music. 

10 years living and working on the famous mediterranean island of Ibiza has seen her involved with some of the biggest promoters in the music industry such as Cocoon Ibiza and Monza. An avid collector and player of all things vinyl, she is also one of the residents and creators of Ibizas most successful weekly open-air party The Zoo Project. Berlin, her second home, exposed her to its raw creativity helping her develop her production skills whilst playing at venues such as Kater Holzig, Kater Blau or Crack Belmer.

Appreciating the fundamentals of raw Chicago and Detroit house music, her trademark style fuses elements of the two smoothly together with the minimalistic, forward thinking deep house that has become synonymous with her sound. Never afraid to stray from her norm and always keen to experiment with something outside of the traditional house/techno paradigm, her vinyl selection is seductive, laid-back and hypnotic while all the time retaining a driving, motivating rhythm.
09:00-10:00 – THE YOGA
Breathing and stretching out after dance is included and provided by OnYoga.
We will be serving juice, coffee & tea.
We will be serving light vegan breakfast!.
Come glitter up – biodegradable OFC!
Toftes gate 69
Dress up or dress down, we don’t judge, but we love costumes and are theme based.
Early Bird – 75,-
Student/Honnør – 125,-
Morning Beat – 175,-
Tickets are non-refundable.