Make Mine Modular (a synth summer night’s stream)

fredag 21. mai kl. 22:00 - 23:55 på MIR

  1. Mark
  2. Kris
  3. Duo

Mark Dicker is a musician who works with sound synthesis and musique concrète techniques.

Using a combination of modular synthesizers and field recordings, he conjures uncanny aural landscapes where eerie artifacts and everyday noise collide.

He is currently one half of the spoken word/electronic sound duo SELF-HELP with writer John Doran and was one third of the notorious English casio-core trio Trencher.

Kristoffer Lislegaard makes highly evocative electronic music that invites people into a layered cinematic world of sound that envelop the listener.

The sound takes on different forms from calm ambient music, to beat-driven glitched-out grooves and washed-out noise, always retaining a strong sense of beauty, texture and atmosphere.

Atmospheric, dreamy soundscapes are at the core of Lislegaard’s work as an artist where he aims to play with the listeners perception thru sound, if only for a brief moment.