“Lay A Flower on Aphra Behn’s Womb”

søndag 26. mars kl. 12:00 - 16:00 på Galleri 69

janneGalleri 69 will hold the exhibition [Lay A Flower on Aphra Behn’s Womb] from 24th of March to 26th of March. It will show five video art works found in Videokunstarkivet;

“Carolina” by Roghieh Asgari Torvund;

“Circles and Spirals” by Galina Manikova;

“Falling Trees – Blomsterkvast”, “Falling Trees – Rokkering 1” and “Falling Trees – Rokkering 2” by Charlotte Thiis-Evensen.

The exhibition explores the power relation between the camera lens and its subjects through showing different positions of characters. It is organized by four students, Aina Bexell, Hanna Christine Johansen, Karen Fosse Rosness, and Minjin Chung at the master program “Art in Society” from Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. This project is in collaboration with the curator at Galleri 69, Cathrine Constanse, and consulted by the professor and artist, Kristin Bergaust, with the support from Videokunstarkivet.

On Sunday 26th at 14.00 there will be an open screening of “Circles and Spirals” by Galina Manikova, followed by an open discussion.