Julius Smack (USA)/Center of the Universe/Berger Myhre/Friberg

fredag 7. juni - lørdag 8. juni kl. 20:00 - 01:00 på MIR

♣ Julius Smack (USA)

♥ Center of the Universe

♦ Berger Myhre/Friberg

♠ DJ Helene Rickhard

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Julius Smack is the stage persona of Peter
Hernandez, an American musician and performer
who moves like a liquid transmitter and sings the
forgotten hymnals of his queer ancestors. His
performances evoke a heightened atmosphere of
spiritualized drama, incorporating vogue dance
and theatrical narratives about technology,
modernity, and his diasporic ancestry. In addition
to music production and dance performance, he
composes scores for woodwind and
vocal ensembles, which is performed
as Julius Smack Ensemble.

His discography includes solo and collaborative
releases on various labels including Los Angelesbased
Practical Records, which he directs as
a shared context for performance and
music releases by American queer, transgender,
and POC communities. He performs in spaces like
art museums and queer dance clubs. His work has
been presented at Hammer Museum, The Geffen
Contemporary at MOCA, Aunt Charlie’s Lounge,
Zebulon, Human Resources, and Rogaland
Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway.



Inspired by folk music and rhythmic excesses from all over the world the Center of the Universe made his first recordings in 2000. The group, which admittedly is not a band, but rather Jørgen Skjulstads (Now we’ve got members, Salvatore) solo project, combines heavy bass, odd meters and various exotic elements with a lo-fi approach in his recording methods.



Friends Jenny Berger Myhre and Espen Friberg have joined forces especially for this night and will perform an advanced match in ping pong of electronics and slides for you.



The legendary Helene Rickhard will bring her best rarities and spin us out of control!

https://soundcloud.com/helene-rJulius Smack (USA)
Center of the Universe
Berger Myhre/Friberg
DJ Helene Rickhard