HMD15 Spykidelic & Whalesharkattacks

fredag 9. juli kl. 18:00 - 23:55 på MIR

Lansering av ny kassett fra HMD Records med SPYKIDELIC og WHALESHARKATTACKS!
DJ-sett fra: Spykidelic, Whalesharkattacks & Jan Mayen
Selges på Filter Musikk Oslo fra 9. juli.
Side A – SPYKIDELIC – Drink Full & Descend
Been holding on to this tape for a while now. Last summer I received this A-side from Spykidelic (Tony Wilson) some years after sending him an overenthusiastic, borderline embarassing text message asking him if he’d be interested in participating in the series. Listening to the mix in the afternoon sun, as a heavy breeze carried big foamy swells up on the rocks, I got hit by a bold and creative style of mixing that seems to be forgotten in this age of branding and categorizing electronic music. The art of mashing-up a broad array of genres (like going from rap to Autechre), the fusion of well known sounds like Twin Peaks, Pink Floyd and Lord Gregory by Shirley Collins alongside heavy hitters, and the choice of including his own vocal performance “Vokills”, which he recorded with Human Inferno at the late Hell’s Kitchen in Oslo, make for a simply incredible tape.
“Drink Full And Descend” reeks of idiosyncratic flow and bold and beautiful cuts from the actual best kept secret of Oslo DJs. They say Norwegians are born with skis on their feet and Brits with turntables under their hands. I don’t know to what level Tony Wilson has developed his cross-country skills, but I can surely hear this South Londoner’s dedication to the art of mixtapes.
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Side B – WHALESHARKATTACKS – Entropy Beach
The natural choice of an artist for the B-side fell on Tony and I’s mutual friend, musician Viviana Vega. After listening to Tony’s mix on the rocky swells of Hvaler, I came to think about the time Viv and I went for a swim together between slippery peach colored rocks, the carpets of ever moving seaweed and aquatic fauna enveloping us. Vivi found time to make this mix after completing her second solo album and releasing projects with Ost & Kjeks and Metronomicon Audio. About the mix, she says: “The title ‘Entropy Beach’ came to me while thinking of my favourite seaside spot in Hvaler, imagining it evolve over millions of years through climate change and long after humans are gone. I wanted to make a mix that sounds mellow, nostalgic and aggressive at the same time. «Entropy Beach» can also be understood as an expansion of the soundscape of my upcoming album ‘Music For Pink Nights’.
The mix consists of looped samples, some which are sung and layered, as well as of field recordings from her phone, instrumental versions of songs from «Music For Pink Nights» and some unreleased material. In addition to a few rips, she also got permission to premiere a song by friend and collaborator Martin Skjold, AKA Christmas Boy.
While patiently creating the mix, Whalesharkattacks experimented with broken tapes, youtube clips and recordings stretched and pitched, their respective sound qualities blending naturally within the reels of the analogue cassette and playing to the strengths and limitations of the medium.
1.Erosion 2. * 3. WAIT. 4. Baywatch (instrumental) 5. Burger Time 6. Christmas Boy’s Summer Bells 7. Teenworld 8. Straightouttabed 9. IamwhatIam 10. Rich People Taste interlude 11. Musk (instrumental) 12. * 13. Entropy beach 14. * All songs composed, mashed up, looped or heavily altered by WHALESHARKATTACKS and/or time, except tracks * + track 6 composed by Martin Skjold AKA Christmas Boy. Track 11 is co-engineered by Peder Simonsen.
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