Frida Marida. Show #1

lørdag 25. januar kl. 19:00 - 23:00 på MIR

Can a night of music and dancing save mankind? We’re not sure, but if you’d like to spend your Saturday evening elevating your community and spreading the message of love and equality, then come celebrate the launching of FriDawn and Frida’s new social rights project: «The Love Song», partnering with Skiev Verden and covered by NRK.

The evening will be filled with performances from drag queen and human rights activist, Frida Marida, as well as sets from 3rd Space DJs. Come celebrate life with us at Cafe Mir. Doors open at 7pm on Saturday, January 25th and the show starts at 8. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at:


FriDawn presents: Frida Marida.
FriDawn’s launch party: A celebration of equality and love through talks, performances, fun & music.
Featuring 3rd Space DJs!

*All proceeds will go to funding the organization and its upcoming project to tackle the issue of hate crimes in Oslo through overcoming differences and finding a middle ground using music.