Filmvisning på Mir: Negativland – Our Favorite Things

søndag 10. september kl. 19:00 - 22:00 på MIR

Organisasjonen NATTFLYTUR TIL HELVETE presenterer en filmvisning på Mir.


«Negativland’s favorite things become all new moving pictures… This suggestively charming collection of unforgettable collage and classic cut-up entertainment for all ages was created with a crew of 18 other experimental filmmakers from all over the USA… Our Favorite Things is a collaborative project that takes a striking visual leap into the same legally gray area that Negativland has been exploring with sound since 1980…»

Negativland are a thought-provoking, (even) humorous sound collage band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of the notorious incidents they have been involved in form the basis of some of the videos you will see:

The band’s 1987 song «Christianity is Stupid» sampled a paranoid Christian envisaging a Communist-controlled USA with loudspeakers placed everywhere proclaiming «Christianity is Stupid» 17 hours a day. In 1988, the band put out a press release denying any connection between that song and an axe murder in Minnesota The media, checking no facts, assumed their was a connection and reported on the incident as if it was true. Negativland’s 1988 album Helter Stupid samples much of this baseless media hysteria.

In 1991, Negativland released a single based on an off-air recording of radio host Casey Kasem losing his temper, including the immortal line «These guys are from England and who gives a shit» about the rock band U2. The single naturally dipped into U2 music for humourous effect. This led to U2’s record label, Island Records, suing Negativland, and they were also sued by SST, the label which had released the single. This made them world famous and brought issues of fair use and intellectual property rights to attention.

Note that most of the 20 pieces are audio collages made in the Cold War 80s, soft drink 90s, and up to 2005, with the video being made much later, in 2007. There is some stuff that involves audio and video being sampled simultaneously, however.