Femme Brutal: Baby Dee (US)

lørdag 21. april kl. 20:30 på MIR

Lørdag 21. april: Femme Brutal presenterer Baby Dee på Mir.

Endelig kommer Baby Dee tilbake til Femme Brutal! Hun blåste sokkene av oss for et par år siden, og nå er det bare å finne frem et nytt par.

Det skrives:
One of the industry’s most flamboyant musical discoveries of the last decade, Baby Dee is an enchanting songwriter, classically trained harpist, circus sideshow veteran, and transgender street legend.

Her infectious cackle and extraordinary talent on the piano, harp, and accordion has caught her many musical admirers including Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, Maxim Moston, and Andrew WK, all of whom have produced unique and magnificent albums for her. Her last release – I Am A Stick – is out on Tin Angel Records.

In the second half of April 2018, Baby Dee will on the road in a stellar duo line-up performing even more heartbreaking songs about laughter, love, and religion. Her musical sparring partner on this trip will Glasgow’s drummer of everyone’s choice Alex Neilson who is known for his own band Trembling Bells, but also for drumming up a storm for touring luminaries and weirdos such as Bonnie Prince Billie, Mike Heron, Scott Fagan or Jandek.

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