Desert Monolith (FIN)

lørdag 28. april kl. 20:00 - 23:30 på MIR

SHOWTIME: Around 21:00 or so!

Valtteri Hyvärinen has been making electronic instrumental music under the name DESERT MONOLITH (known as Desert M until 2017) since 2011. DESERT MONOLITH’s electro songs are melodic, danceable and epic while aiming for a Kraftwerkian pureness. Influenced by the aforementioned Kraftwerk, video game soundtracks and industrial music, the end result sounds suspiciously like synthwave.

On April 27 DESERT MONOLITH will release his second full-length album, titled Taivaantähystäjä (Stargazer) – nine new tracks inspired by an idea of a grand exodus from a planet Earth devastated by the human race. On April 28 he will return to Oslo and Café MIR TO play a good chunk of the new material as well as a selection of choice cuts from his older releases.

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