Daspo // Mads Kjeldgaard // Ernst van der Loo

torsdag 2. april kl. 20:00 på MIR

DASPO is a duo consisting of the Italian composers and improvisors Giuseppe Pisano and Davide Palmentiero.
Playing with highly customized electronic instruments, the two of them shape solid and muscular magmas of colliding sonic masses, bold gestures and microscopic epidermal interferences.

DASPO will present a live set based on their newest release SAMENREIS out on the Italian label SETOLA DI MAIALE


Mads Kjeldgaard (b. 1988 Horsens, Denmark) is an electronic music composer.
Kjeldgaard will be performing an improvised set using an algorithmic sound system for cybernetic improvisation and composition using gamepads and cheap midi controllers as interfaces for hard-to-control self authored software.

This system allows for complex sound processes, and while the outcome of these gestures are unpredictable, especially in the long term, they render the performer unable to control the process at hand, only influence it.

Ernst van der Loo (1974) is a Dutch composer, performer and sound artist based in Oslo.
He studied audio engineering and later specialised in electro-acoustic music composition and performance at the institute of Sonology in The Hague and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.
His field of operation is somewhere in the triangle of self-generative music installations, fixed media composition and live improvisation. Current work focuses on spatial composition and the use of self-generative analogue synthesis networks.

CC: 100,-